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Cooperation with leading advertising agencies of Ukraine.

Far not the full list of customers, willing to give recommendations:

"NOVUS", can development, "New Line", "Technopolis", "Eldorado", "COMFY", "Epicentre", "Velmart", "Furshet", "cinema city", the shopping centre "Sky Mall", the shopping centre "Plazma", shopping center "Atmosphere", the shopping center "Komod", shopping center "city Mall", TC "Space city", "AvtoZAZ", "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", "Domotechnika", "Ариzона", "World Cuisine", "Antoshka", "Citrus Discount", "Nadra Bank", "National Alcoholic Traditions"
...and other good people...

Visual Advertising (design, production, installation):

- roof, wall and separately standing advertising installation
- signs (neon, LEDs, svetotehnika)
- standard and non-standard advertising (design 3x6, city-lights, brandmauers)
- exhibition stands

Accommodation (Out Of Home):

- accommodation in a format 3x6 (private network)
- accommodation on the walls and roofs (private network)

POS products (design, production, installation):

- vacuumforming
- engraving
- laser cutting
- serial production (promo tables, branded stand, acility, light shades,
- clothing branded
- advertising and souvenir production.

Led screens: sale, installation, maintenance.

Design Studio

Cleaning services

License for design, construction and installation works. Permission for works of high danger: high-rise and performed by mechanical lifts.

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Will answer questions.

Contacts: , , +38 061 224 41 36, +38 061 224 41 36, +38 050 456 66 30, +38 050 454 86 30, +38 095 232 34 92

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